I have the 110 on some fatter skis. Solid, simple attachment is much better than the G3 onyx system. I was afraid the small partially see through bag they came in would be punctured by the crampons, but hasn't happened so far so the crampons still go on most outings where powder isn't as fresh. Make sure you size right; the 110s look a bit too wide on a 78mm waist, especially when side hilling.
Decent leashes, and one of the only commercially available in the states. If you really want your skis to stay on, these work great as stock, otherwise consider a release piece of twine of tab in between the small clip and the boot so your skis do leave when they're likely to do major damage.
Awesome starter turned everywhere crampon. For light stuff where crampons are nice but no waterfalls are involved, these do almost everything a crampon is supposed to do. Pack small-ish, and sharpen easily. I have smaller feet and they work fine with mine and larger 11s or so. Part of my skiing duffel setup that goes to most trailheads. The anti-ball plates are nice, but not essential with ski boots though with mountaineering they are nice.
I have these for my Manaslus, and hoping to get for other skis. The tip is brilliant for a recreational skin, and makes them just that much more pleasant to use. Only a couple days on them, but the material has seen some rocks and sticks and doesn't appear any worse for the wear. Maybe they'll make some sort of universal tip connector so I can use on my non-Dynafit skis.
When I don't need brakes for liability- which is rare given that amount I ski on the same pair of skis on the East Coast- having the speed radicals underfoot is awesome. Not quite as stable as some of the bulkier bindings, but for light skiing or big boards in powder, there is almost no difference. Hopefully Dynafit can make the heel levers a bit more reliable, but otherwise a perfect first or fifth pair of Dynafits. Could probably swap the heels onto the other radicals plates if necessary.