The Toe Shift plates are a great addition to Speed Rad/Turn bindings to reduce ramp angle and add a few more boot sizes to the options these bindings heel adjustments allow for. It would be overkill for most non rental situations for a single user. However, I got these for some skis that my kids will use and as they grow the bindings can now grow with them! They would also be a good idea in situations where you may lend out skis to visiting friends. A small investment would make your setup a lot more versat...
Agreed. The screws seem to stay tight after abuse in the resort and some really rough use in the backcountry in very hard snow conditions.
The skins seem very light weight (more so than Pomocas? No gram scale here- kinda subjective) and glide great right out of the box. They climb like champs as well. On the other hand, I suspect the glue is not quite as good as Coletex and Pomoca (not to mention BD Gold). I began to see some balling of the glue after a few days of use while the aforementioned brands dont seem to show this for some time. Also, the tip bungee system is not that great. The bungee material is very thin and so they easily max out ...
A great spring skiing tool. It is a great ski pole. Balance, durability, comfort all leave no room to complain. The reason you buy it though is for the pick. That has been only psychological protection so far which is nice but it has allowed me to venture with a little more confidence to places where I would have paused last year. The features I like best are: -Wrist strap is very comfortable and ergonomic either in traditional ski pole grip position or in "piolet canne" (hand on top of tool). The st...
One thing I forgot, the partner tow strap requires you to add a carabiner to it. It works as well as you might want- Ive towed partners on some pretty long hauls with it during team races.