Will you be stocking these this season? The current crop from Yurp uses a star drive(torx) screw, do you know if these are still phillips, or perhaps torx?
I have 5 touring days on them and 1 bell to bell lift day. Up: these are insanely light and skin like a dream. Combined with a Plum 165 binding my 171 length skis weigh 1194gr. (1002gr just the ski before mount). Down: it took me until the lift day to get comfortable with how these ski. I find they require a very active and engaged skiing style and if I get sloppy and stop pressing the tips for a bit they quickly feel squirmy. They are very encouraging with jump turns on the steeps. Super low swing weig...
Thanks for the info, I'm looking something more reasonably priced than the Plum versions. Unfortunate that Dynafit doesn't offer them as a separate part. If you ever came into a pair for a reasonable price I would be interested. Cheers
Any plans to offer race toe crampon receptors?
I got to ski this at the SIA on snow demo at copper for a few runs. Let me tell you, it skis fantastic! It managed chopped up crud like a boss, was super playful and fun without being squirly at all. And all that while demoing a new pair of boots on which the ski mode didn't work properly. If you are in the market for a midfat general purpose ski, I wouldn't hesitate to choose these.