Will you be carrying the TR2? It seems like with such limited boot options it will be a hard sell
Used once so far for training. Not abused in the slightest. Within half an hour the stitching on the shoulder strap started to go. I would not recommend this pack
Does the TR Race and TR Adjustable binding use the same jig?
I've used these bindings exclusively for the past 2 years. They have seen everything from resort skiing to midwinter tours to spring steeps like the grand teton. They work pretty well, I have had 3 issues however. 1) I have them mounted such that I am near the back of the adjustment track(so my wife and I can share the same mount) and this can cause snow buildup under the heel. This then compresses into ice and makes it difficult to rotate the heel into downhill mode. 2) I broke the anti rotation pins, ...