These bindings are super light weight. I really like how polished the unit feels compared to the Trab race binding. I have found a few drawbacks, however. 1) The pin cover has a tendency to loosen and not stay down. Thankfully this has not caused me to go into ski mode yet, but I have looked down and found my heel coming down on the pins with the cover raised. A little tightening of the screw made the action a bit stiffer and has fixed it for now. I prefer how the Trab cover is spring loaded, it will not...
I raced on these skis all last season and did some spring skiing as well. It took some getting used to at first in moguls and icy conditions where I felt I had to hop the skis around the bumps instead of carving. I attribute this primarily to my very light weight as a skier and the skis being reasonably stiff. I have since become much more comfortable on them and now don't hesitate to trust them. The rocker is great, these skis really shine in powder and manky conditions, performing much more reliably th...
Will you be carrying the TR2? It seems like with such limited boot options it will be a hard sell
Used once so far for training. Not abused in the slightest. Within half an hour the stitching on the shoulder strap started to go. I would not recommend this pack
Does the TR Race and TR Adjustable binding use the same jig?