Trying to decide what makes these different from my Century Pant, which I like quite a bit. Like that pant, this one lacks a proper integrated belt which I have done after market on all my pants. Draw strings just don't cut it.
The B and D leash is the best one out there. Transitions are a breeze since you can leave it attached. Breakaway tabs can be added if you're really worried about getting rolled and want to be free of the ski anchors.
Never mind. Found it. Not that lazy, I guess. +7
Me being lazy....what's the final ramp delta for the binding, compared to, say, the Kreuzspitze adjustable?
I find the description and cryptic recommendation funny but, then again, I've always appreciated Jason's sense of humor. Knowing it, this is clearly a thumbs up from Skimo Co. I would second the motion, finding the 112 Tour 1 the best ski out there for ripping big vertical in deepish to deep pow. For the amount of ski one gets, the T1 is silly light, especially when paired with a race style binding. Yes, skiing them is, indeed, cheating. Compared to the Pure 3, one has to pay slightly more attention at Mach...