You know, the one thing all these companies making lightweight pants need to do differently is put in a simple Fast-tex buckle closure for a belt. Drawstrings simply don't cut it. I can add them after the fact and I always do but it's an unfortunate step and expense.
I've used numerous helmets over the years from BD, Petzl and Camp. The Trab is my favorite for skiing. It is by far the most comfortable in terms of fit. My favorite aspect is that I can easily fit my Julbo Universal goggles under the brim without the helmet pushing them down. Also and even more key is that I don't have to do any silly taping or zip tie shenanigans to hold the goggle strap in place like I do with all other helmets I've had. I don't need to even use the little clips. This is an awesome featu...
I've been aware of Movement skis since 2010 when a French friend of mine came to Jackson to ski with me. He was sporting a pair of Logic X's. I couldn't believe how light they were and he loved them. When I spent some time in Chamonix in 2014, I saw numerous pairs of these skis on the tram. I finally got a pair a few weeks ago and love them. Freakishly light mounted with race bindings, these are my new favorites for all around skiing in the spring. I've used them in all conditions including blower powder. T...
Now that I have both the Dynafit PDG and the Millet PM I thought I'd throw a comment here to help others similarly inclined. First of all, why anyone would tour in anything else is beyond me, unless you like to stop a lot, play with your dog, mow a sandwich or two and kick the sack around between runs. But if you like to move and ski a lot, these tops rule. Anyway, the PDG is a bit lighter (372 grams, Large) and the PM (461 grams, XL and 424 grams Large) is a somewhat burlier fabric and just a tad warmer. ...
I have the Dynafit PDG top, which I love. I had a blow out on the cuff seam but that's easily fixed. Otherwise it's the perfect top for touring. I want to get a second and was thinking of this top just to mix it up. I was wondering if it has a beacon pocket like the PDG. That's a sweet feature.