I have the Dynafit PDG top, which I love. I had a blow out on the cuff seam but that's easily fixed. Otherwise it's the perfect top for touring. I want to get a second and was thinking of this top just to mix it up. I was wondering if it has a beacon pocket like the PDG. That's a sweet feature.
Hey, I'm trying to lighten up my girlfriend's kit and she fancies the CI Century pant that I wear. She's a skinny athletic woman and I see the Century Pant does not come in a small. These do. I was wondering how the Millet pant compares to the Crazy Idea. Thanks.
These are my favorite touring pants. I've had many others, mainly from Dynafit. I like this material best. They're certainly Euro style so if you're a fat and baggy American who wouldn't be caught dead wearing Lycra shorts while cycling then you should look elsewhere. On the other hand, most of those blokes aren't shopping here. The cuff material is stretchy and easily fits over boot cuffs and stays put. No need for add-on stirrups, IMO. The zippers at the cuffs tidy things up nicely for MTB approaches and...
I would disagree with this assessment. Sorry Tyler. I really like these skis and have replaced my Broad Peaks (great ski) with them due their greater width. I think the problem with them is the mount point is off. I moved mine 4 cm (yes, 4) in front and the characteristics changed for the better. Still psyched about them. I also drilled out the tip to use standard skimo race bungees. Perfect. Head to the bottom of this post to read my impressions in detail. http://getstrongergolonger.squarespace.com/jou...