It's really hard to measure, given the stretchy fabric and the complicated cuffs. I'm getting around 25 inches from the crotch to the highest part of the scuff guard on the inside of the leg, without stretching the fabric at all (it would stretch another foot). I also made a similar measurement on some ordinary pants, and it measured 28" (with a nominal inseam of 30"). I do feel like my legs could be lots longer and this would still fit, but if my torso was any longer I'd be in trouble.
The size felt just right. I should mention I have relatively short legs and a longer torso. I wouldn't have wanted the suit to be any shorter.
Everything you need and nothing you don't. This is nearly the perfect ski binding, as far as I can tell (the only thing I'll complain about is the color). The low delta has been a revelation. I find both the toe and the heel more user-friendly than my other Dynafit bindings (Vertical ST and Speed Classic). No pre-releases. I can still adjust the release values (important for a lightweight, non-agressive skier). I've seen lots of discussion online about the lack of a flat position in some race-type bindin...
I'm starting to be quite fond of these skis. It's too early to say if it's true love, but I'm not willing to rule it out. I've never skied anything quite like these before. I'm skiing the 163, with Speed Superlights and the DyNA PDG boot. They replaced a pair of 157cm Black Diamond Cult skis (98/68/??) with speed classics and TLT5Ms. The new setup is more than three pounds lighter, but more interestingly I think I crossed some sort of threshold. Skiing uphill, the weight on my feet doesn't seem to matter a...
Having been a cyclist for decades, I'm used to lycra. As the father of a young child, one-piece suits seem totally normal. What I'm not used to is wearing ski clothing that looks like a ski graphic. But this suit is so awesome I don't care that I look like a doofus. I've been out in this twice so far. I'm used to skiing in midweight soft shells (Patagonia guide pants & jacket, or things like that). I never felt those were restrictive, but I really noticed being able to move more freely. Somehow it just fe...