Hey- I've got some Speed Radicals going on some 88mm Waybacks - wanted to check that the blue 88mm crampons from 12/13 will work with the Speed Radicals. Thanks!
So glad I got these! This is the first pair of ski crampons I've purchased and so glad I just went ahead and bought them. Used them this past weekend off of Snoqualmie Pass on a steep climb after a frozen rain event earlier in the week. My other partners also had them, so it was good to be able to achieve the same angle of attack. Easy to put on/take off, nice hinge action, light. The only limitation is that they aren't as effective in the highest heel riser position (using Speed Radicals).
Have used these a few times in the Cascades. Did a few laps up on Hyak at temps right at 32 degF and some sleet and there was no gloppage. Good glide and light weight and the glue seemed to stick well to the skis, even after a few laps. Snow that did happen to get packed on the glue side was pretty easily removed by rubbing it on my nylon/softshell clothing. Also, separating the skins from themselves, even new, is a *lot* easier than new BD/G3 skins I've experienced in the past. The trim tool is fantastic!...
So far they've been working great this season. First Dynafit setup having come off of Fritschis. Needless to say, the weight savings is fantastic. Still not confident enough yet to go for an aluminum binding; with the abuse I put on gear, and the amount of time I like them to last, steel is the way to go for me. I also find myself on some steep up-tracks, so higher lift options are a must. Easy to get into, easy to flip the elevation lifters. Downhill performance is actually not that much worse than the Fri...
I'm curious what (or if) people use for a gaiter on these. Interested using these more for a long day (or even multi-day) touring boot with a little skimo racing thrown in (more for training, though). Just have some concerns about moisture getting in, or maybe I should look to some TLTs or Spitfires? Thanks!