Did you guys put this up on April 1st? It seems a bit like the magical Eleven rope from the Lord of the Rings. For real?
That's good enough for me. I'll twice with the Attivo one. Order coming soon.
I'm curious if the old Duo Sint tail cam device would work on new duo tails (Mistico, Magico, etc.)? What I'm really wondering is whether that might be more secure than the little "push in" device that goes with the current-generation swallow-tail skis. (I haven't had problems, but I'm wanting to modify my some high-traction BD skins for my Trab Mistico skis, and wondering what the best tail connecting device would be.). Your thoughts on this?
Your write-up says these match G3 6-hole pattern. I seem to recall that the old standard Voile 4-hole pattern also matches the G3 pattern, which just has two extra holes. But I'm not sure whether they match up in terms of the position (fore/aft) on the ski. I have skis mounted with Voile CRBs. If I want to replace them with the Kreuzspitze set-up, will I be able to use the same holes? What do you think?
I'm extremely happy with these skis. Only used twice, but once was in a resort under all sorts of conditions, from mank to spring slush to ice to some good powder stashes. I am not going to bash these up by making them my resort ski of course, but it was a good test I thought. Confident I can ski these in any conditions the backcountry throws at me. (The one thing that was a bit strange was that I felt that I fell into the backseat a bit -- perhaps because the tails are soft? That's why this initial ...