Another question. How does the "Scarpa" Proflex-G differ from the Intuition Pro-Tour?
Will the size 28.5 Proflex liners fit in my size 28 Dynafit TLT 6? I suspect they will. My very old T2 liners size 28.5 fit my TLT5, size 28.5. Thanks
Thanks very for this update. I got a chance to try these locally. The 28.5 fits almost exactly like the 28.5 TLT5. It's a fabulous boot for those of us with narrow feet. A deal breaker for me though: the lower buckle is really badly positioned, and opens very easily when banged into. This is going to be an issue for walking in rocky terrain, or on crusty snow when bootpacking. I think I'll wait for the next iteration where hopefully the place the buckle more like on the Procline. Meanwhile, I manag...
Do you guys think it would be possible to remove cable that connects the walk lever to the upper buckle, and still leave the boot capable? Or, barring that, is it possible to have the upper cuff reasonably tight, while still having the ski in walk mode?
Tried these on at my local shop, but I'm uncomfortable with their advice -- as always, shop is pushing me to get a "performance fit" -- but I want these for long distance tours, not races. I am wondering about getting a pair of these, and sizing up 1/2 size (28 shell is about right, but slightly too small; 29 shell is about right but slightly too big). Then putting in the Proflex G liner, size 28.5. Would that work ok? Would the liner be too high? Is this just a bad idea since I'd lose things like t...