I love these skis, but I also think it's important to recognize that the skinny rando-race ski is a rather specialized tool. I was perhaps a bit swayed by folks like Andy Sherpa, who do some pretty amazing skiing with rands-weight skis (e.g. http://slcsherpa.blogspot.com/2017/05/liberty-ridge-speed-attempt-707-car-to.html). For my part, have found myself missing a somewhat wider ski (like 78 at least) whenever I ski them. It's just more fun and I guess worth the few extra hundred g on the way up. The l...
Oh, cool! So I don't have to buy the brakeless version + brake. Does the with-brakes version also come with the rather nice leash, which doubles as a heel-gap checker?
As I understand it, to add the brake one needs to remove the heel piece, replace the bottom plate with the one that comes with the brake and put the new heel piece on. So I have the idea of using quiver killers to make it easy to remove and reinstall the heel piece whenever you want to. Any reason that would not work? And you could guys install things for me that way?
OK, cool thanks. I will decide shortly what to do and let y'all know.
Hey guys, I just received my ATK race crampons from you, but I hadn't appreciated that the reinforcement bar would prevent them from working on my Dynafit Vertical ST bindings. I might want to send them back to you but... it occurs to me I could just cut off the excess plastic on those bindings anyway. While recognizing that you can't be held responsible if I screw that up... what do you think?