Sorry, I wasn't clear - I want them turned 90 degrees so that they cover the prongs like race bindings. I just want to replace the roof of my Speed Turn heels with a roof that has a flap that will cover the prongs for the up (like a race binding) so I NEVER have to turn the heel. Does that make sense? I don't think the thing I want exists.
Is it possible to get a top plate for a Speed Turn heel piece that has a plate that flips over like a race binding so you don't have to turn the heel unit? This seems so obvious (turn your touring bindings into race bindings!) but I can't find one anywhere!
Just an update - these poles continue to just be awesome. I was actually using the same poles in the race where Patrick broke his I think - Verfest at Alpental - definitely not the kind of race that is easy on poles. Lots of holes, hard skinning, ice, you name it. I have had a few moments in that course over the years were I have been kind of amazed these poles didn't break but I come from a Nordic background where you learn the hard way how to take care of poles and I credit that somewhat to the longevi...
It does, it is just a bit tighter than pictured (the handle T goes a bit higher into the top of the shoulder strap). Not ideal and not super comfortable but fine in a pinch - I think an easy fix from UD would be to just upon up the area between the crampon garage and the back panel similar to the Dynafit packs. If you have any input with them, make the suggestion? But so far this season, I am very happy with the pack.
Any chance you will be getting these in small?