I've used 4 pair of these on 7Summits, Manaslu, Mustagh Ata skis. I also use the race version Dynafit skin on my DyNA skis--where I have a small preference for CAMP race skin. In all conditions and especially during transition to spring when conditions are becoming wet and gloppy in places, and still well below freezing in pockets, these skins routinely outperform the competition used by my touring partners (BD, G3, K2, LaSport). They glide more, they grip at least as well, they're lighter, and they don'...
Jonathan, thanks for the review. Can you compare edge hold of Response X to the Manaslu on steep/firm/icy? (Are your Manaslus of the 2010-2013 variety? Use Alien 1.0 also in Manaslu?) Ever use a stiffer boot on the Response X? I skimo in Alien 1.0 too, but prefer TLT-5 P for the kind of skiing you've described here. Thanks, Kerry