If you're looking at this, then I'll be you are already the target audience and you understand why this is a compelling piece- ability to take on and off without moving is amazing, all while preserving breathability in the back (or at least backpack compatibility). I am a big fan of skinning/running in light windshirts (e.g., patagonia houdini) as they're fairly breathable and still serve the windbreaker function, all while being super light. You can skin in this- it will get a bit clammy if you're really ...
Odds are, if you're looking at these boots, you're also looking at the Dynafit DyNA and maybe a few others- and let me assure you that if a) the boot fits, and b) you can afford it, overall, you've found the best of the lot. I have spent 1 season on the DyNA, 1 season on the Alien 1.0, and will now be racing on the PG 400/Dynafit DNA- but if you can only get one of the three of these boot pairs, this is the one. (I'll try to review the DNAs separately once I've spent more time on them). Everything everyone...
What is the difference between this liner and, for example, the TLT6 CR? Will this liner be higher volume?
The only thing I'll add on to Jonathan's review above is that I HAVE retrofit these onto existing skins (to work with Trab skis) and they are a breeze to install. The only tools you need are a hammer, a leather awl or hole-poker of some sort, and a small metal pole or cylinder to pound in some rivets for the tail attachment. I found that the easiest way to install was to put on the top/tip attachment, then lay the skin on the ski and attach the tail piece exactly where it should be from above. Simple. Gre...
Just confirming that this binding matches the footprint of other plum bindings such as the Race 135? Thanks!