I equip all of my skis with inserts, so that I can share 1-2 pairs of bindings with a growing quiver of skis. Having used both Binding Freedom and Quiver Killer (they are thread-compatible both ski-side and screw-side), they're fantastic and reportedly improve pull-out strength from having a large outside diameter and high-strength epoxy installation. The penalty seems to be about 10-15g per ski if you account for the inserts and the fact that the screws tend to be a little heavier than lightweight ski wood...
Good to know! I always felt like the manufacturer's claimed diameter of any rope was somewhat arbitrary anyhow. I have 9.8s that feel fatter than 10.2s and such. Still a great rope, in my mind. :)
Also, I'll echo Jonathan's sentiment about the only honest retailer listing - an accurate critical review from a retailer shows you the kinds of guys that Skimo.co are. :)
Correction - all non-weird race HEELS seem to use the same pattern. Worth noting that Dynafit demo bindings (not available here) have the same horizontal spacing but different longitudinal spacing. If you have Demo bindings already mounted and want to go to a standard hole pattern, it's easy to choose either the existing front pair or the rear pair and get the BSL + adjustment you need with only two more holes in the ski.
I love, love, love that skimo.co sells separate heel and toe pieces (as well as parts) for a variety of bindings. I bought the Speed Radical heels to upgrade some Radical STs to brake-less, and have been very happy with them. Add to the fact that all (non-weird-race) Dynafit bindings seem to use the same standard hole pattern, and you can use threaded inserts to switch things around as often as you like. Makes sense to me!