This is a really nice ski for inbounds, side country and backcountry where you don't mind the very un-Skimo weight. And it's not really that heavy on the up, although I'm yet to break trail in 45 degree Wasatch style with half a foot or more of new. I have enjoyed them every bit of the half dozen days thus far, mostly inbounds, both for up and down. I have not tried them in much powder (4" at Jay in the east is nice when you get it.I will then be able to assess whether they ski as firm as they feel. Like ma...
Great helmet for warmer weather skimo activities. I will admit I don't always wear a helmet ski mountaineering, but when I do this is perfect. It works well with goggles, headlamp, and the venting is much better than my 20 year old Giro, which I still use for colder days in bounds, and which my son is less embarrassed by (I bought the white because while black is cool, white is cooler.) He claims I look like a mushroom. Regardless, it does exactly what I wanted, replaces skiing in an old Meteor, and address...
I have a number is soft shell type jackets and this is the favorite, excepting situations where I’d need a wind stopper. The fit is spot on, the venting is excellent. While Jonathan’s comment on the arm pocket is fair I wouldn’t want a large pocket there, since it mostly for a balm or RF pass. An inside pocket would help the phone issues. I think I’d prefer the skin pockets to be Napoleon style. They are situated far back for stuffing skins, but are much larger in opening which is great, vs a Crazy Idea rac...
Not much to add except to confirm this is the best float to weight ski I use. Compares well on hard pack as well. Skied US east, west, Europe and it is likely as big in the 184 as I need. It's less chattery than Movement Vertex, has a useful rocker to beat that skis initiation in soft snow, and holds better on hard than Trab Stelvio. Works well with TLT5&6, but prefers the stiffer TLT6. No complaints and would use on all but the tightest couloirs.
He skied these in all kinds of snow in 2017 and to good effect. Still heavy, but good in all conditions, and safe: released rarely, but when needed. Skins are fine too.