He skied these in all kinds of snow in 2017 and to good effect. Still heavy, but good in all conditions, and safe: released rarely, but when needed. Skins are fine too.
Update after a season in the East on piste, and Wasatch and Cham on and off. Still very good. Got a chip on the edge but skis this light with a lower profile sidewall do have that potential, and easily mended with Jason's good advice. They are not as supportive in powder or on hardpack as the Denali, and not much lighter. I also like the Dynafit skin attachment at tip better like Brian H, but lack the DIY moxie to carve my own. I feel a home grown cut in a tip is a potential vulnerability, at least the way ...
Updated. I've had plate movement twice, likely due to the 2 screw adjustment plate. Brian at skimolife is a better source of details. https://www.instagram.com/brian.skimolife. Admittedly it slipped after late season skiing on Crouches berard but I didn't do as much stream and turf skiing as the locals who passed me. Even after tightening that morning they slipped in shrubbery terrain. Will likely locktite a bit next year. Also a great reason to bring a posi multi tool and bits along.
It's worth mentioning that Jason and his crew provide by far the best mounting of skimo and ski mountaineering setups I've had, right alongside the Mountaineer in Keene Valley (props to Drew Haas and owner Vinny), all the way to Snell's in Chamonix. Binders, boot fitting, those things you may need, they do very well. They seem to know you may hang it out there skiing on their setups and take the time and do it right. I always felt like I was lucky when I got a good mount at a larger operation with a focus o...
Second thoughts. Seems like more of a 5 star offering inbounds. Nimble, damp, responsive, carve tight or long, does all that well. And is insanely light for all this. Yet to ski in deep snow anxious to do so.