your assiduous reviews are really informative: thank you. how is it you find the time to do this and your day job and compete? You are a time bender, yes?
Used on Movement Vertex, got the ones with brakes. I have brakes on none of my other skis, but wanted one pair with them, also because I like the higher heel plug for an all-around ski. Skied for a few days at Snowbird, so have not really worked this in the BC as yet. My first impression is that Plum has a very refined design - the bindings are easier to get into than most dynafit-type ones I've used or own. The brake locks in the up position (so it's out of the way when touring), which is also handy for wa...
These are lovely skis, although I've only used them for a few days of spring skiing at Snowbird. In terms of dimensions and performance, they are comparable to my tried and true Trab Stelvios (maybe 10 years old?), with the addition of a bit of rocker and no additional chatter. The swing weight feels lighter, and that make sense as I think the Trabs come in around 2400 gms for the pair vs 2100 for these (without binders), but it may be a state of mind thing. They are certainly more nimble and responsive. Re...
I got these to outfit my 8 year old. He's mostly done xc, and a little downhill on east coast hills (ie, tilted football fields.) I was going to use their binders too, but the ebay boots I got him on this year were too big, so went for a small Fritchi Daimir. The setup is not light, but it's not like he's going to skin all night. They ski like a million bucks - you can tell they are much better handling than the rentals he's been on, and even in a 135, likely 10-20 cm longer than he rents, he has better con...
I used these to break into the skinny ski (