Updated. I've had plate movement twice, likely due to the 2 screw adjustment plate. Brian at skimolife is a better source of details. https://www.instagram.com/brian.skimolife. Admittedly it slipped after late season skiing on Crouches berard but I didn't do as much stream and turf skiing as the locals who passed me. Even after tightening that morning they slipped in shrubbery terrain. Will likely locktite a bit next year. Also a great reason to bring a posi multi tool and bits along.
It's worth mentioning that Jason and his crew provide by far the best mounting of skimo and ski mountaineering setups I've had, right alongside the Mountaineer in Keene Valley (props to Drew Haas and owner Vinny), all the way to Snell's in Chamonix. Binders, boot fitting, those things you may need, they do very well. They seem to know you may hang it out there skiing on their setups and take the time and do it right. I always felt like I was lucky when I got a good mount at a larger operation with a focus o...
Second thoughts. Seems like more of a 5 star offering inbounds. Nimble, damp, responsive, carve tight or long, does all that well. And is insanely light for all this. Yet to ski in deep snow anxious to do so.
Finally a boot worth replacing my old TLT5s with, and not requiring a mortgage. These did have early ankle banging qualities, before molding especially. I have boney ankles. The issue has disappeared this season with break in. I have wide forefeet but the 5s worked fine. These are even more comfortable. As Jason and crew pointed out you can only punch boots with more carbon so much. This has become a very comfortable, highly tourable, stiff and high-performing boot. It's less fussy than the TLT5 (which I ch...
2nd season. Great ski, still mostly on resorts. It is a heavy rig, with a frame Fritchi. It seems to articulate well, edges like a champ, and damp. I don't feel comfortable putting a 9 year old on dynafit style bindings. Yet. Would redrill this ski in a minute when that time comes. It's a very sturdy, not excessively heavy board (but not light) with good flex. It has tips which won't hook, will hold the skins which are good, and again it has excellent hold on ice/hardpack/groomed surfaces. No action on powd...