Finally a boot worth replacing my old TLT5s with, and not requiring a mortgage. These did have early ankle banging qualities, before molding especially. I have boney ankles. The issue has disappeared this season with break in. I have wide forefeet but the 5s worked fine. These are even more comfortable. As Jason and crew pointed out you can only punch boots with more carbon so much. This has become a very comfortable, highly tourable, stiff and high-performing boot. It's less fussy than the TLT5 (which I ch...
2nd season. Great ski, still mostly on resorts. It is a heavy rig, with a frame Fritchi. It seems to articulate well, edges like a champ, and damp. I don't feel comfortable putting a 9 year old on dynafit style bindings. Yet. Would redrill this ski in a minute when that time comes. It's a very sturdy, not excessively heavy board (but not light) with good flex. It has tips which won't hook, will hold the skins which are good, and again it has excellent hold on ice/hardpack/groomed surfaces. No action on powd...
This is a great wish list for the aspiring ski mountaineer in the SLC area. It bears all the hallmark's of Andrew's writing and personal style: wry, witty, irreverent, informative, informed, and properly disclaimed. Many of these routes would probably hand you your a$$, but for most of those I'll never know. For the rest it's a great guide to the lines which hang down LCC and other readily accessible parts of the Wasatch, and the stuff from which dreams (or nightmares) are made of.
your assiduous reviews are really informative: thank you. how is it you find the time to do this and your day job and compete? You are a time bender, yes?
Used on Movement Vertex, got the ones with brakes. I have brakes on none of my other skis, but wanted one pair with them, also because I like the higher heel plug for an all-around ski. Skied for a few days at Snowbird, so have not really worked this in the BC as yet. My first impression is that Plum has a very refined design - the bindings are easier to get into than most dynafit-type ones I've used or own. The brake locks in the up position (so it's out of the way when touring), which is also handy for wa...