Great value in a solid binding. I have put my absolute trust in these on some pretty terrifying lines and they have not let me down. Light enough for speed traverses, strong enough for the occasional resort lap, well priced and dead simple. Not to mention they do away with the flip risers which make Speed Rads so apt to lever their own top plates off. All I could ask for is a heel that turns easily with a pole in both directions and a stronger plastic pad atop the heel tower (mine broke very quickly).
It would be so sick if you guys could find these!
I should mention that I was on the 182's and wouldn't want to go shorter. My default to get out of trouble is to point it and I feel that I shorter length would trade away the stability that allowed me to do that on the 182's. I'm 5'10+ and 175lbs.
These are my first mixed skins and I'm impressed. For the money I freaking well should be impressed, but these really are worth the extra few bucks if you can afford it. I trimmed mine with a sliding G3 tool that I like much better than the letter opener style so I can't comment on the one that's included, other than I like G3's better. It looks identical to BD's, which I hate using. One of the first things I noticed: these things are sticky! Holy crap! With age and abuse this has tempered a little, but ...
A piece of trash for my purposes. Kudos to Skimo for an honest description and finding the one thing this beacon is good for. It is a little smaller and lighter than a functional beacon and for racing applications would be just fine. I just can't give this thing a good rating, however as it is considered by far too many people to be safety equipment. It is to a real beacon what a loop of string is to a seatbelt or a toque is to a helmet. Frankly, I would rather it was built without a search function and s...