Michael - We do not stock the Freedom or Freedom boot parts. There is some overlap with other models but unfortunately we don't have a list of what parts work with that boot.
Aaron- This boot is definitely narrower and lower volume than a pdg. We dont have any specifics either on the boot. Especially narrower through the mid foot. It also has a big power strap over the instep to help hold the foot in place.
Aleck- They are sold as sets only.
Taylor- We dont have have any guidelines. But one of the girls here usually wears small gloves in other brands and the small fit well for her. Palm width is 3.25" and length of her hand to the end of her middle finger is 6.5"
Seth- I am not sure of the answer. Your buddy might have the 1.0 version which looked very similar. That may have been the difference between the 2 helmets. That helmet is no longer available so I cannot check for you.