Hi Randall, technically no, the rubber tips do not fit in the S-Glide tip system. However, you can cut off the whole system and then attach the rubber tips. The attachment plates for the rubber tips are currently out of stock, though it's typically easier to attach the rubber tips by simply folding the skin over the bar and riveting with skin rivets. The tip attachment plates need to be sewn on, but they do allow easy swapping of tips if one were to break.
Anthony, I would order the same size as what you would order in the F1 boot. I felt like the fit between the F1 and RS was very close.
Marc, The standard plate has those mounting pattern measurements. The long plate is the same widths 32/36 just longer length at 64.5mm.
Decker None of those reels will work for your boot. We will be hopefully getting some soon. If your in rush you can contact Boa directly for parts.
Hey Michael, these plates are for Dynafit bindings allowing you move the bindings without redrilling. Unfortunately they don't allow swapping different brands.