Jarrod The BD ultra lights are about 30 grams lighter as well as a lot more packable. As far as grip vs glide, the speculation is that the BD's might glide a little better do to the fact they have a shorter hair fiber. In general shorter hairs are faster gliding and less grip. But the new coating on the Pomoca's is supposed to be faster this year. The hair length doesn't seem to have changed on the Pomoca's from last year and last year had a nice balance of grip and pretty nice glide.
Hi The biggest difference between the Trab and the Hagan is the Trab toe works opposite to every other toe piece on the market. you push down on the lever to enter and the spring default is closed (with other bindings you push down on the lever and it stays open until you step in). Otherwise the binding makes a great ultralight touring binding. It has a decent flat mode and it's easy to turn heel piece. The only other consideration is this has a slightly lower release value than the Hagan. So depending o...
Hi Marie-Eve, There are a few small differences between the womens tlt6 and the green (mens) tlt6. The back of liner on the womens is little lower and the boot comes with the soft tongue. The green tlt6 ( mens) comes with a stiffer tongue and the liner is not cut down in the back. Other than that the 2 boots are the same. Same fit, same materials, same buckles.
Sergio, check the website we just got the last of those speed turn 1.0 toes in stock. They are the toes with the same 5 hole pattern as the verticals. We also have a "used dynafit parts" listing where we list used parts as we come across them.
Hey Mike, Yes a 28.5 PDG liner would work as a replacement for the TLT5 liner. The PDG liner is a little thinner in the toe box area than TLT5 was. If that would cause a fit problem, try the same size in the TLT6 CL liner.