Hey Andrew Unfortunately you need a whole new base plate to use this brake. The whole base plate+brake is available for about $200 per pair, and there could be a delay depending on our shipping schedule. Otherwise you would need to buy the whole binding with brake.
Manan-sorry not sure what your specifically asking. Any time you remount a ski with a fixed mount binding like the Superlight 2.0 you may run into hole overlap issues. It all depends on boot sole lengths that were used in either the first or second mount. A lot of times you may have to move mounting location to dodge old holes or end up putting a plate under the heel piece to get the right gap and dodge old holes. Yes this is enough binding to drive a wider ski. The differences between a radical 2.0 and th...
Eric-Depends on which liner you choose. The pro-tour medium volume and low volume are different thicknesses. Both the pro-tours will have a stiffer cuff than the proflex-g and will add some support to the boots. The proflex-g has a thinner toe area but probably the thickest cuff of the three liners. Otherwise the Low volume pro-tour is the thinnest liner of the 3 overall.
Eric- The sizing would be right for your 28 dynafit boots. If it "fits" will depend on the shape of your foot.
Hey Jvr, The pro tour liner will beef up the boot and not affect the walk as much as a wrap liner. We measured the liners and the 26 liner will be a match for your 27.0 shell. The Medium Volume will add some thickness to whole boot, thusa taking up more room. The Low Volume will be a more similar volume to your stock liner.