will you be restocking these in any longer lengths (130cm) ?
update with ~45 days and ~100k' hiked on them, these are the best boots I've ever owned. the only noticeable wear is one of the ski mode levers had the tiny piece of accessory cord rip off, which I rarely used anyway honestly. love these things!!!
Michael, you can probably attach poles to the ice axe carrying system, but I have not tried it yet...
What an awesome suit! The 2-piece makes it quite versatile, and I'll wear the top during regular touring due to its high functionality. It breathes well, fits well (caveat: I'm usually a medium but got a large, and that was the right call I think) and looks snazzy. The grippy thing at the bottom of the shirt piece keeps it in place over your skin suit pants or regular touring pants. Lots of pockets, zippered beacon pocket... really nice suit.
I picked up an older (2013 vintage) pair of these in a 171 with bindings and skins recently for a song, thinking they would be a casual race ski / spring mountaineering ski. So far I have maybe 8k' on them, and I'm super impressed. Despite being rather short for me - my usual touring skis are 177 and 179 - they ski surprisingly well in soft, 3d snow. I was taken aback by how well they handle settled or fresher pow (no more than 6" so far, but I have other skis for skiing deeper snow). They're light, easy to...