edit- to clarify the switch would be from a LTR 2.0 heel to a race 150 heel. Any screw overlap concerns?
hey guys As always thanks for all your expertise. I have a set of low tech race 2.0s. If i was to switch the heel pieces out and replace with the 1.0 LTR heels - do you suspect i will run into drill hole overlap problems? Would be with the same size boot.
Is this heel piece the same screw pattern as the Low tech race 2.0? is this heel also plastic like the LTR2.0 or is it metal of some kind?
hey guys Are the holes for this heel piece the same as the original low tech race? Have you heard of any durability issues given the plastic in the heel?
Hi Stano I currently have a set of TLT 5 performance with a lot of mileage and looking to get something new. So does the TLT6 mountain feel as stiff as the TLT 5? What about lateral stiffness? Have you by any chance tried the TLT6 performance? What was different if so?