hey guys my TLT5s are actually 297 mm BSL not 287. So as far as i know they are size 27s. It looks like the BSL i want for PDG would be 299. Is that a 27.5/28 shell? it looks like a 27 in the PDG would be one size smaller. What size PDG do you recommend?
Skied with this pack yesterday. Loving it! Super light ad functional. I do have one question - when you're not using the ski attachment hook and secure straps where are they supposed to live without flapping around? I stuffed them up into the shoulder strap thing opposite where the drink tube goes. This seems like it would be timeconsuming though before or after a boot pack transition. So what's the fastest stow away for these straps coming out of a boot pack to skin transition?
I think the problem I'm having is when reaching down the heel is too hard to turn. I'm envisioning this to be even harder in a skimo race when I need to do it 10+ times in a race. Is the difficulty in turning the heel due to the DIN setting? If the din is lower would that make it is easier to turn? And is it ok to turn it in either direction or only clockwise?