Agreed with everything Jonathan has to say here. I'll add that a 1/2" hollow punch is useful for making a hole in the skin. You'll have to squeeze the widest part through but it's nice and snug around the base.
This pack doesn't take a water bottle as nicely as say the Dynafit RC packs do. The two reflective strips on the shoulder straps in the above picture sit up high on your collar bone. I had a crossbar piece of webbing stitched to the left shoulder strap (as it's being worn) lower down so I could strap a water bottle holder to it. That said...if it's below like 20, I put the water bottle inside my suit. I've been burned by a frozen water bottle more than I care to admit.
This is a basic skimo tight with the added benefit of a stash pocket on the rear waist. When paired with the matching top and with a pack on I typically never use the rear pocket though since it has no zipper closure. Still I guess it's good to have the extra space if I were ever maxed out on the pockets on the top. My only substantive complaint is that I wish the pant had windproof panels like the PDG pant or older Radical race suit. I end up having to pair these with a pair of Mezzalama shorts when doing...
Pros: Hood, external pockets, new color options, mates with matching pants with snap buttons for some added security, lots of pockets Cons: I personally wish all race suits had windproof panels on the front like the Dynafit Radical race suit or the PDG pant. The back isn't ventilated. I feel like the hem of this top creeps up under the waist belt more than I would expect, despite a silicon coated elastic at the hem. I feel that a race suit will keep you warmer and give you more protection if you eat it on...
Does this have a zippered pocket on the inside now?