Retains and releases just like an alpine binding. & tech tours. If not for the limited (but expanding) boot compatibility, I feel like this binding would become the tech 2.0 sensation. I use a Sideral 2.0 and plan to get a Spectre 2.0 at the end of this season. I love these bindings.
How tight are these pants exactly? Would you describe be fit as snug? Tailored? Or more like skin tight? Would it be possible to get a photo of the back of the "mustard" ones? Is the seat yellow or black?
So far have only skied inbounds but I can say that they ski plenty strong for me. Very happy with the boot!
I am planning on using these with a pair of Icelantic Keeper skny 184's (90mm waist) and the trab TR2 as a do everything package. Is this a wise move for on piste skiing? Coming from a ~100 flex (6 tongue) Full tilt that feels plenty stiff to me am I in for a rude awakening? most of the touring I plan to do involves a lot of low angle rolling terrain so the long rearward rotation of a 2 buckle boot seems very desirable, but I do not have a feel for what this actually will cost in downhill performance.
Gah! tell those Italians to hurry up, I want get my TR2s mounted up for these beauties!