I purchased the Speed Radical bindings which came with these leashes, but after a couple tours replaced them with B&D leashes which I wrap around the cuff of the boot rather than attaching to the closure cable or an eyelet at the toe. The reason that I went for the replacement leashes was the very short length of the Dynafit leash. When you crash, or even when putting skis on in tricky backcountry situations I find the B&D (longer) leashes just work better for me and feel more safe (i.e. skis stay further a...
I mounted a pair of Superlight 2.0 bindings on my new Sportiva RST 2.0 skis. My primary setup previously had been Speed Radicals on Movement Shift skis, so the weight savings of more than 150g per foot was quite welcome (for the bindings only, nearly 700g per foot for the setup). The first thing you notice with the Superlight from the Speed Radical is that the step-in force is higher - not just the heel as mentioned elsewhere, but the toe as well. I haven't yard-saled and forced a release, but the Superl...
I have the RST 2.0 set up with Dynafit Superlight 2.0 bindings. Together the combo weighs 1203g and 1209g per ski. While I haven't been on race skis, I've spend a fair bit of time on some of Dynafit's narrower touring skis like the 7Summits and Nanga Parabat - to me the RST is a smoother ski that will handle more marginal conditions better - slush, chop, refrozen, breakable crust. In fact unless you are skiing steep ice (where you would want less of a sidecut - even though the edge hold on these skis is ex...
As a follow-up, I recently moved my bindings back 25mm and have found a lot better balance on the skis, particularly when the terrain gets steep.
I assume that the 75mm brake would work with the Sportiva RST ski, yes?