Hey Scott! Not planning on getting more in the next couple of days, though there are definitely kits available with more than enough length. Find them here.
Hey Tom! Looks like they're out at the moment and we won't be seeing any more until fall.
Hey Ken! Sure can, but it involves unmounting the baseplates and swapping housings. The brakes can be found here and are sold individually.
Hey Никита! Well, to be honest, it doesn't. There's a large warning on the side that says you shouldn't attempt to ski downhill with the ski otherwise you can risk breakage...but it does go uphill really well so there's that!
Hey Helon! Ha, just read that original reply and you're right, it definitely left a little bit to be desired. To answer your question though, no the 2.0 and the original Maestrale do not share a similar ski/walk mech. If you have the latest generation Maestrale 2.0 then the 2.0 ski/walk mech will do it. Looks like we are out of the original Maestrale ski/walk mech at the moment though. For future reference though they are labeled as "Maestrale pre-17 Ski/Walk Mechanism" and cost $23.95 per side.