Hey Mark!! Although similar in volume, it's a drastically different pack. I think they intended it to be a replacement for the Skimo 28 but it really ended up being a pretty different pack altogether and your choice of which pack should be dictated by how you'll be using it (mountaineering, overnights, long races, traverses, carrying camera equipment, etc). Just because the Adventure Vest exists doesn't necessarily mean the Skimo 28 is outdated, just kind of a different approach to a 30ish liter pack from U...
Hey Raymond! Yeah, in theory you could definitely bend them though obviously there's a limit to what they're capable of. Next size up from 100mm is 110mm and it looks like we have them in stock here.
Hey Eric. Which screws for the Radical ST 2 are you looking for? Toe mounting screws, heel mounting screws, or the machine screws that install the toe unit to the rotating baseplate?
Hi Tim. Open up the drop down menu to the right of the main picture and it'll show you which colors and sizes are available.
Hey Chris! I'd say the Speedfit has a fairly similar instep to the Backland as long as you haven't had the shell of the Backland molded yet. The forefoot width on this seems a touch wider than the Backland too.