Freedom of movement is amazing for what it is, I was really impressed. The material isn't super stretchy but I didn't notice any hindrance in freedom of movement unless I was doing gymnastics and yoga. I think this would be great for doing some hard intervals if it's really cold out. If it's windy out then a lighter weight pant with less insulation like the Crazy Idea Light Pant would be my first choice and will likely breath a bit better than this.
Yeah, but the 250ml flask will be swimming inside the pocket and "quick access" isn't a word I'd use to describe getting the flask in or out of the pouch.
Hey Matt. I just tried it on an Alien 27.0 and they fit REALLY well. This gaiter seems like it was designed with the Alien as a model boot. There is even a little elastic hole that the BOA fits through so you don't lose adjustment capabilities.
Hey Anthony, I'd say it depends on the usage. If this will be exclusively a race ski then the 164 would make the most sense just because it's lighter and easier to maneuver. However, if this will be a lightweight mountaineering ski/adventure ski or you plan on using it outside of a race environment and still occasionally pull double duty as a race ski, then the 171 makes sense. Most of our shop staff is around your height and weight and we all use the shortest, lightest skis possible for pure racing but pre...
Hey Markus. Yup, the dual springs and end cap are in there, but no base plate.