Hey Richard, each brand has its own proprietary hole pattern and they generally don't like to share. We have a Hole Pattern Recognition article where you can see the hole pattern compatibility if you have any further questions.
Hey Patti! We've had a few women your size on these skis and have had nothing but thumbs up from them. As far as stiffness goes the Vertex is the same, just a difference in width. The Zero G 85 will be a bit stiffer and favor longer carving turns, whereas the Response accomplishes the happy medium between being a stiff ski with a long precise edge hold and a soft, buttery ski that likes to slide a bit more. To give you an idea of who else is skiing these, the folks around here that really know their skis se...
There's a discrete fly zipper on the suit. It starts right at the crotch seam in the front and goes up and across your leg following the purple stripe in the picture. I wouldn't call it women's specific and logistically it would probably make more sense to undress.
They are direct competitors when considering weight and dimensions, but each ski has its own sweet spot. While both are fairly versatile, the Zero G 85 seems more hard snow oriented and a better carving ski, whereas the Voile will end up being a bit easier to ski in variable and soft conditions. Just depends on your application.
Hey Jose, we are unable to order any more TLT6 tongues as they are "reserved for warranty purposes only."