Hey Ron! Okay, here are the specs of that ski: 141-112-128. Standard advice would have you go with a 140mm kit just to make sure that absolutely no base material is showing for maximum grip, but the awesome thing about the Wailer is that there is so much tip rocker (i.e. ski base that never touches the snow while skinning and therefore never contributes to skinning ability) that you can go with a narrower skin and do just fine. My choice is a 120mm x 175-190cm kit, but if you'd rather have full coverage the...
Hey Austin! Atomic usually shows up fairly early and we should be seeing some around the end of August/mid-September? I have about as much control over when they show up as I do the snowpack, so don't hold too closely to that statement, but last I heard they weren't too far away.
Hey Damian! I would go for the 40mm adjustment plate. That'll give you a lot of flexibility in the future and potentially help resale value if that's a possibility.
Hey Christof! I would go for a medium. They seem to have the extra bulk of a layer underneath built in so you can avoid increasing your waist size and inseam length.
Hey Andrew! Good to hear from you! I'd say that the Travers Carbon is in between the TLT6 and F1, but maybe a bit closer to the F1 in terms of forefoot width. You can definitely mold the liners but they are thin enough that after 5-8 days of skiing that'll pretty much take care of it. I think that if you are getting a distinct pressure point somewhere in the boot then you should probably mold the liners, but otherwise it's probably not necessary if the boot is fitting fine. Volume is a decent amount hi...