Hey TZed. It's definitely confusing. According to BD it sounds like the Helio 180 and 200 will both come with crampon receptors. We will see if that's accurate when the bindings show up in house, but it sounds like it's going to come with it.
Hey Rebecca! That's a negative, we just have the blue coming in at the moment. All of their gear is so awesome that not ordering everything they make is harder than ordering one of everything. Do you have a specific color and size that you'd like to see? If so, we have definitely made special orders happen before so if you have a specific one in mind let me know and we can get the ball rolling pretty easily for you.
Hey Alex! Not sure exactly as we haven't been able to measure it, but based on the similarities to other bindings and the thickness of the plate I am going to assume probably somewhere in the realm of 4-5mm. When we do measure it, it'll be here though, so keep an eye out for it there.
Hey Brian, good to hear from you. Here's the scoop: for you, anything's possible. They're not available on the order forms so as of now they are not available individually. Plum offers every other heel piece individually though and when you factor in their incredible ability to come up with excessive amounts of spare parts I think the future for individual Oazo heel pieces is bright. But no, not yet. Or not officially at least. How's that for not helpful?
Hey Lee! They are far, far better in ungroomed terrain than groomed. They were frankly a bit underwhelming on corduroy and there are other race skis that are better for that purpose. They weren't bad on groomers at all, it was still fun, but their capability on groomers isn't anywhere near in line with their capabilities in rougher, more challenging terrain. Where they really start to separate themselves from the rest is how well it handles the stuff you'd usually avoid (tracked out powder, crud, etc) and s...