Structurally, yes. Aesthetically, no. Just a lever difference, everything else is the same though.
Hey Bert! Listed weight on our website is without the anti-balling plates. The link you provided is the newest anti-balling plate and they weighed it with those installed. Our verified weight with the anti balling plates installed is 224g per side.
Hey Doug, they won't but send us a picture and we might be able to get some parts for you. Ski Trab is really good about having an array of spare parts available for their bindings.
Hey Tony! Absolutely! Do you need toe or heel screws? Also, is this the first gen Radical ST or is it the 2.0 Radical ST?
Hey Wes! Yes, absolutely. Maintaining a proper heel gap is critical to a properly functioning binding. Assuming a 29.5/30.0 shell in both the F1 and Maestrale 2.0 (latest edition that we carry here) and taking into account the offset toe fittings in the F1, the functional difference in length is 15mm, which is easily enough to necessitate some adjustment. That being said, there is a chance your binding has enough boot sole adjustment built-in and all it would take is a Torx or socket wrench to get it adjust...