Hey Marc! You got it! The plastic one lives up top and it's the permanent one, the "anchor." The metal one is where the bungee loops down and around. The hole in the leather tab is kind of confusing, but you don't ever need to use that actually.
Hey Brendan! I've got the answers to both questions listed below! Each toe plate is weighing in at 38g per side excluding hardware and the height is an extra 4.75ish millimeters off the top sheet!
Hey Tyler! Yup, they're pretty narrow but the impressively low amount of volume is probably a bigger thing to worry about than the width as the liner is moldable and you can definitely punch the toe box. It's still a thin liner inside of a thin plastic shell, so while you can get room out of it, it's still pretty dang narrow with not a ton of extra space to spare.
Hey Angus, thanks for reaching out! In the toe, no. In the heel, yes! We have a whole article dedicated to the hole patterns here! The heel should be able to pop into the old holes just fine, whereas the toe will be able to re-use two of the existing holes (you can choose front or back) and then you'll have to drill two other holes.
Hey Toby! Ha, it's tough to go back to heavy gear once you get a taste of the good stuff isn't it? Officially the Radical 2.0 toe is only compatible with the Radical 2.0 heel because of the forward pressure/rotating plate. The Rad 2.0 toe has seriously soft toe springs (intentionally) to help with the lateral release factors, so it could potentially give you some really low release values. Short answer: I wouldn't do it. If you're looking at lightening up then I'd say just sell the old binding and start fr...