Hey Andrew! Good to hear from you! I'd say that the Travers Carbon is in between the TLT6 and F1, but maybe a bit closer to the F1 in terms of forefoot width. You can definitely mold the liners but they are thin enough that after 5-8 days of skiing that'll pretty much take care of it. I think that if you are getting a distinct pressure point somewhere in the boot then you should probably mold the liners, but otherwise it's probably not necessary if the boot is fitting fine. Volume is a decent amount hi...
Bueno! 1) Si sus botas tienen una differencia mas que 30mm la puntera y la talonera es probablemente inteligente, pero es mas pesado. Si sus botas tienene una differencia menos queo 30mm, solo la talonera es preferado. 2) Unfortunamente no, estes placas son por el nuevo Low Tech Race 2.0 con la talonera de plastico. Tenemos mas placas para el Low Tech Race 1.0 pero ellos no tienen tuercas o tornillos. Ellos son aqui pero otra vez, no tienen tuercas o tornillos asi es no perfecto y un poco mas dificil. 3...
Hey Thomas. Perfect. Yeah we should be getting the 164cm 70 flex this season. If anything changes I'll let you know but that's the plan. Really, the 60s would be fine but I think you might have more fun on the 70s, especially when you want to open it up and see what they're capable of.
Hey Tom! Skis should stay the same for next year, but I would probably lean towards the 70 flex for this application. If it were primarily a race ski that would be used in the typically unforgiving race conditions, I think the 60 would be nice just because it would be more manageable on tired legs, but with the even turn consistency and power related to ripping groomer laps, I think the 70 would end up being more fun. Just to be clear, these aren't for lift served resort skiing, correct? They're for human...
Hey Andre. Should be 100mm!