Hey Peter! There's a bit more shape to the shaft of the Gully, the head is shaped a little bit differently and it's been beefed up as well, all with the intention of improving swing-ability. On top of that there are the easily noticeable differences of the different head options and the included trigrest. The Ride is a bit better for plunging, adding stability to a down climb, and self arresting, all of which the Gully is more than capable of though. The Gully is more of an ultralight technical tool that's ...
Hey Suz! I'm thinking probably not, I think it'd be way too long. The Pegasus buckle mod is probably your best bet here.
Hey Vitaly! Just inherently based on the foam characteristics most Palau liners will typically breath better than the Intuition liners. Also part of the reason why they have different walking/skiing characteristics usually so there's that to take into consideration as well. Seeing as the Powertrack 10 is a 10mm foam liner you're probably looking at a moderately breathable touring liner.
Hey Juan! Unfortunately we don't have any tongues and likely won't be seeing any more as they have discontinued the tongues.
Hey DK-! In terms of basic profile, shaping, and stiffness, the 84 and 94 are pretty dang similar. There are some subtle differences that make the 94 a better all around ski with a soft snow bias and the 84 a better all around light 'n fast ski with a hard snow bias (still a riot in powder though). Not sure exactly which size you're looking for the mounting location on, so I'll assume the middlest length, the 177cm. Both skis, the 84 and 94 in a 177cm length use a mounting location that's 98cm from the ti...