Hey Ron. I can't tell for sure but I think you're thinking of the Atomic Backland 95 177? If so, they'd be pretty close but not guaranteed and you'd have some overhang at the tips. FYI most of the skin kits come with their own skin trimmers that are easy to use for the most part. The Pomcoa skins have the best cutter and don't require any off-setting and it only takes about 5 minutes to get them trimmed.
Hey Frederick! Glad they look good! Yes, they will accept standard Dynafit crampons. You are correct, lateral release is adjustable from 5-10 but the vertical release is fixed. There are a handful of factors, most notably boot sole length, that will affect your vertical release and I can't publicly display any of our release test info that we have collected with this binding (liability issues) but if you are in the 7-8ish realm usually then you should be good for the most part. Feel free to send me an email...
Hey Gordon! No promises on future availability but we have definitely carried it in the past and had great success with it (the reason why it's sold out) so I'd imagine we'll be seeing it back in stock shortly, but quite possibly at the beginning of next season.
Hey Peter! There's a bit more shape to the shaft of the Gully, the head is shaped a little bit differently and it's been beefed up as well, all with the intention of improving swing-ability. On top of that there are the easily noticeable differences of the different head options and the included trigrest. The Ride is a bit better for plunging, adding stability to a down climb, and self arresting, all of which the Gully is more than capable of though. The Gully is more of an ultralight technical tool that's ...
Hey Suz! I'm thinking probably not, I think it'd be way too long. The Pegasus buckle mod is probably your best bet here.