Hey Doug! Large, for sure. Medium would be so tight around the legs and the waist is adjustable enough that it'd be pretty easy cinch it down with the velcro.
Hey Greg! This is a new ski for us so unfortunately we haven't been able to ski any of the older models so I can't vouch for how they compare. That being said, it's an entirely new ski overall which dropped a ton of weight and we've been thrilled with how it performed at on-snow demos and in our personal quivers. We've enjoyed it so much that we started working with K2 just for this ski. It has a bit longer turn shape, better carving chops, and is a bit stiffer than the MTN 88.
Hey Ira! They might do well except for the fact that the tips are pretty dang stiff. The ski is stiff throughout but it softens up near the tail a little bit. The tip has a decent amount of rocker but they're also pretty stiff so it might be a trade-off there.
Hey Michael, oh dang, good catch. That's a typo on our part and I'll correct it right now, but it looks like there are only two forward lean settings and it's adjusted by the eccentric bracket bolted onto the lower shell where the ski/walk lever locks into place.
Hey Mark! Good eye. Yes, there is a slight difference between the SCTT that we've had around for a while and this SCTTT. The extra "T" in this title just means that there's a titanium heel spring in the binding as opposed to the steel spring in the SCTT.