Hey Conor! It's not the first ski that I'd throw this boot on, though I've seen this boot drive a whole lot more ski than that before. When you get on skis that big it really takes a bit of extra strength and input from you as the skier to keep it under control, especially in weird conditions, but it can be done. Check out Robert Bonneli's review of the Movement version of this boot for a good idea of what it's capable of. He's a former alpine racer and one of the better skiers I've ever seen and does it al...
Hey Allen! There might be a few conflicts here and there but the Guide has so much flexibility that you'll likely be able to avoid any potential hole overlap issues you may run into.
Hey Al! It's in the non-removable power strap (the lower one).
Hey Chris! One of the guys here is almost exactly your dimensions and skis the 171cm in a pretty powerful fashion. There's enough camber that it likes to kind of pop from one turn to the other so it's good for the maximum turns per inch style (after looking back at my own turns on this ski, that's almost exactly how I ski the Objective the majority of the time) but with enough length you can definitely feel free to open up the throttle a bit more and really make use of the extra length. Length recommendat...
Hey Tom! These skis are made by Blizzard this year.