Hey Eric! I think that has a lot of potential to work, however it'll definitely take some refining to take it from a fun science project to a fully functioning ski boot. One less permanent option could be to just wrap a ski strap around the cuff while it's in ski mode. Or just wrap the strings really tight.
Hey Mark, it kind of depends. Most people remove the tongues to tour with but pop them back in on the way down. I have heard of people touring with the tongues in, but it definitely doesn't work out quite as well. If you want to tour with a tongue, the soft tongue has had a lot more success there.
Awesome, that sounds like a sweet setup. It's tough to match the bulldozing power of the Mythic 97 skis though so it's tough to say that these will inspire a whole lot more confidence, especially at high speeds. That being said, both the Helio 95 and the Cassiar 95 will be much, much lighter than the Mythic and if you couple the weight savings with the shorter length you'd likely get a very nimble ski! The Helio 95 is more of a soft snow ski and the Cassiar is more firm snow oriented, but obviously there's ...
Hey Tom, thanks for reaching out! I think this is would be a great choice for an all purpose touring boot! The forefoot in the Backland isn't necessarily super wide to begin with, however it can be punched out/molded to be by far one of the widest boots on the market. The Dynafit TLT7 is definitely another option that's pretty wide to begin with and has some similar uphill/downhill characteristics that the Backland embodies.
Hey Chris! Sorry for the crazy slow reply man! Yup, these are going to be quite a bit lighter. Glue stickiness will be identical between the two, however the Race skin will fold down much smaller because the backing is thinner, softer, and uses a single (or maybe only two) layers of glue compared to the heavy duty, waterproof backing and multiple layers of glue on the Climb Pro S-Glide.