Hey Filip! Either one works just fine. You can apply it at the starting line and you will get about 3,000ft of vert out of it. If you apply it the night before and let it dry you'll get a bit more, but if you apply it the night before and iron it in you'll get 4-5,000ft+ out of it.
Hey Mike! Oh nice, actually that 140mm width helps a lot in this case and the 125mm would do much better than the 75mm width skins. Keep in mind that I'm assuming a lot here, but based on my experience and weighing that against what I'm seeing in that picture is that the reason you're slipping while climbing anything steep is because of the lack of skin width. If your knee and ankle aren't totally vertical over the ski (to be fair it's not really user error as that's a pretty tough feat to accomplish) and...
Hey Levan! Dang! In theory, yes it's absolutely replaceable! Dynafit also seems to be totally out for the time being and we're unsure if they're going to be bringing in any more throughout the rest of the season.
Hi Ilia! Unfortunately I just have the 120mm 2.0 brakes in stock for the time being and to my knowledge we aren't expecting any refreshers throughout the rest of the season.
Hey Steven! Unfortunately I don't have any used AFD parts, though I do have an AFD kit here that includes the spring as well as an AFD, but no pin. If you have one to take a picture of would you mind sending it in? That may eliminate some confusion.