Hey Eric, thanks for reaching out. Ouch, that's a bummer, unfortunately you're not the first person to have this issue. The plastic molding aft of the toe piece that is preventing the crampons from sitting flat isn't crucial to the structural integrity of the binding and could totally be removed. Unofficially, we support your experiment and endeavor and it'll work just fine (if it was my binding, I'd do it). Officially though we, as a shop, can't recommend it because bindings aren't designed to be modified ...
Hey Sather, thanks for reaching out! There are a few, which black part are you thinking? The heel housing?
Hey Doug, thanks for reaching out! The AT94 in a 183cm weighs 1230g/ski. At the moment I don't have an equivalently sized ZeroG 95 to measure against, so instead I weighed the AT94 and ZeroG 95 in a 169cm and 171cm, respectively, just to get a close comparison and frame of reference. Tip to tail cord length on the AT94 169 and ZeroG 95 171 are almost identical actually, so the direct comparison is even closer than I had originally thought, which is great news! The AT94 169cm weighs 1125g/ski and the ZeroG...
Hey dub_xion, thanks for reaching out. They're velcro. Pop a rivet in the TLT7 power strap though, those are the good cam-locking ones!
Hey Michael. Glad to hear the Vulcan buckle is working out! Yup, you got it! The TLT6 Left Cuff Buckle and Catch is the lever, the attached cable, and the adjustment catch that bolts onto the front of the cuff.