Hey Gregg, doesn't really matter too much, it'll work either way. I prefer to attach them on the glue side. It helps the skin peel off the tail a bit better and if the tail of your ski is pretty thick then attaching them on the glue wide will give you more height within the clip to work with. Sorry for the long answer. Short answer: glue side!
Hey Zach, thanks for reaching out! Good work snowboarding in those boots! Hard-booting is a slippery slope (did that count as a pun?). I'd go for the 168cm ski with the 178cm being a not very close second choice. The Voile Objective, Blizzard Zero G 85, and Dynafit Seven Summits are all offered in 171cm lengths, which I think suits you a bit better than the 168cm Helio 88. Just on a personal note, I think the flex pattern of the Seven Summits and Voile Objective will suit your boots a bit better than the Ze...
Hey Aaron, thanks for reaching out! Technically, yes. Realistically, it's tough to say if your foot will work with this combo.
Hey Hayley, thanks for reaching out. Sorry for the slow reply! Unfortunately due to the recall we're unable to even give an educated guess as to when they'll show up.
Hey Erik, thanks for reaching out. Glad the boots have done well for you! 1) Tough to pinpoint this issue exactly. Did these liners come from another boot? How many days do you have in the liners? L-Pads around the heel may be the only answer, but I'd only go there after a proper liner mold and then a footbed. 2) This is also a very subjective issue, especially with an aftermarket liner and footbed. If it's a thick footbed it'll lift your foot up higher into the shell and potentially make the boot a bit ...