Hey Steve, it'll do a pair of skins. It definitely has enough wax to cover a huge pair of skins (140mm x 200cm+ probably), but you've gotta be paying pretty close attention to smear it evenly enough to cover that much material. User error is definitely the easiest way to run out of this stuff before your skins are covered.
Hey Peter, we are pretty much the exact same dimensions. You could go either way without issue, but I'd go for the 167! There is enough tip rocker that it'll float like a slightly larger ski than its dimensions would suggest, but the shorter length will give you a leg up while mountaineering. The longer ski will add stability at speed, but I don't think that advantage would outweigh the downside of having to haul around a much larger ski in steep terrain, approaches, booters, etc.
Hey Luke! The compatibility is pretty much unmatched with these things, we've been really impressed and haven't seen anything that hasn't worked with it yet. As for the crampon itself, it kind of depends on exactly what you're looking for. If you're bashing them on rocks and ice all the time, but want a lightweight crampon, the Petzl Irvis Hybrid Crampon is seriously impressive. If you just find yourself booting up couloirs and occasionally scrambling around on rocks for a minute or two, we have all fallen ...
Hey Trevor, thanks for reaching out. The skis are so close to each other in so many ways (dimension, shape, weight, profile, core) that I think your intended usage and boot selection should probably make this choice for you. If you're in race boots, definitely get the 78. If you're in slightly heavier boots (think Dynafit TLT6/7, Atomic Backland Carbon, Scarpa F1, etc), you could pick either one and be happy. If it's going to be your only ski, the 85 makes more sense. If it's going to be strictly a mountain...
Hey Marc, unfortunately there's no cross-over with the springs and as far as Dynafit is concerned the SL 2.0 springs aren't even removable. We haven't actually tried to get a spring out, as they've specifically warned against doing that, however it doesn't look any more complicated than just hammering out the lateral pin. Best I can do is point you towards some new heel units.