Hey Duncan! I'm assuming this is the Backland 95, correct? If so, they're a bit wider than would be ideal and you may bash the brakes together while skinning and they may also snag on the snow if you get into a really deep carve or do any steep skiing on firm snow. I've also had friends catch oversized brakes on their pant cuffs if they have holes in them, which sounds terrifying at any speed. The 105mm brake would be ideal (even the 90mm might work actually), though it looks like we are out of those at the...
Hey Jason! There are a ton of factors at play here. Based on the picture, it looks like the entire heel piece, both baseplate and housing, came off your ski. Did you end up dropping their heel pieces into your ski, or did you just swap heel housings?Were your friends using brakes or were theirs brakeless as well? Did you use the same release value when your friends heel pieces were installed as your existing heel pieces were using? Feel free to send me an email and we can get to the bottom of it.
Hey Evan. Unfortunately, I think you're out of luck on the heel adjustment plate for that binding as it already sits on a small track that gives about 10mm of total adjustment range and the toe shift plate is probably your best bet. In theory mounting the heel on one of those adjustment plates could work because you are correct, the hole pattern of the heel is the same width as the LTR 2.0. The issue I'm seeing with mounting the heels onto any of those adjustment tracks is the length of the hole pattern wou...
Yikes, that's definitely not a whole lot of fun, sorry to hear that. Have you played with the toe bail location at all? I'm not a leading authority on the Sabertooth by any means so take this with a grain of salt, but it's common on a lot of crampons to have two toe bail mounting locations so you can tinker with the front point "length" and it looks to me like there are two locations for the toe bail. If the crampon adapter was mounted in the one that's further back it would do two things: not allow the alu...
Hey Robie! I would get the 1/2 length and then file the threads down. It'll file down pretty easily with a metal file or even outside on the sidewalk or driveway.