Hey James, if skins are included then it's likely listed in the description. We'll usually sell them together if we have the matching set. Everything is run on a case-by-case basis and if you're interested in buying a demo ski send me an email and I'll see if we can hook you up!
Hey Rich, thanks for reaching out. Do you plan on using for something outside of crevasse rescue? When rigged in the current configuration it has a 6:1 pull ratio, so in theory it's capable of pulling up to 6x whatever your arms will let you pull. The manual doesn't state a working load limit though, so I can't imagine it's strong enough to rig up anything with rope work. It does state that it's intended for emergency use only, which gives you a pretty good idea of what it's designed to handle.
Hey Jason! We list US sizes for all of our clothing. US sizes are generally one size smaller than the comparable EU size (so an EU Large is equivalent to a US Medium), we like our hamburgers. At 185cm and 73kg I would recommend a US Small (EU Medium). Send me an email if you have any other questions!
Hey Jon, unfortunately we and Mammut are out of stock for both the refill kit and the dive bottle adapter. We will likely have them in late August/early September.
Hey Andrea, at the moment it's not available to be ordered. I do have a Used Dynafit Parts listing as well which you may want to keep your eye on over time for those parts, though we only have Radical FT spring assemblies at the moment.