Hey Chris. Dang! That's a slick setup! Yes, the toe piece will absolutely work, but I think the bigger issue will be finding the rental plate in that video. Even once you find it and get it mounted you'd still have to make sure he's in a boot that fits both an alpine binding (potentially even a kids alpine binding if that's what he's in) and also a tech binding. If you do find such a boot to meet all of those requirements then in my mind it makes more sense (financially, operationally, mentally for you and ...
Hey Fred! That's a super broad question to answer without knowing any finer details but the short answer is: Probably not very comfortably. The size down will be 1cm shorter internally (equates to about 1 finger thickness). If your Maestrale is a performance fit you'd have a very hard time getting the size down to work. If your Maestrale is big then there's a better chance of getting this to work.
Hey Roli, thanks for reaching out. I think that if the Backland Carbon Light fit you then there is potential for this boot to work, but only if you didn't have to do any substantial work to your Atomic boot. I would stick with the 27.5 though for sure.
Hey Michael, thanks for the response! Men's spring would likely suffice, noting there is a relatively high standard deviation on the springs so it might be worth getting tested. The Expert spring would be stiffer and the women's spring is much too soft. Brakes will change things as well.
Hey Michael, sorry for the slow reply! For liability's sake we're going to forego publishing them on the website. There's almost definitely one that'll match up with your desired release value, but I'm going to answer your question with another question: What release value are you looking for?