Hey Patrick. There are enough "well, I guess in theory it would work but..." scenarios about the Heel Support Pad working with an adjustment plate that my initial thought would be that the heel must be mounted directly to the ski to make the Support Pad work. There is a good chance (if you can find bolts to attach the heel pad to the adjustment plate in the first place) that if the heel isn't all the way back on the adjustment plate to support the pad, you could stomp the heads of the bolts right off and re...
Hey Michael, yeah I think you'll be fine if you bend it a bit. The brakes sit up pretty high off the ski so a little bit of bending will go a long way.
Hey Tyler! Because the height of the toe will factor into how high the risers actually "feel" you should focus on the difference between the toe pins and the risers for each binding. The Superlite 2.0 Toe is 28.5mm, first riser is 28.5mm, and tallest riser is 48mm (total difference of 19.5mm). The WEPA has a slightly taller toe piece at 31mm but a higher riser at 52mm (totaling a difference of 21mm).
Hey Lorenzo. We don't have a Khion boot here to test it on, but my vote is for the TLT7 power strap with the camming buckle.
Hey David. 3-7/8" measures out to 98.4mm waist width. Ideally the 100mm crampon would work but depending on the shape of the sidewall it may be a little bit tight.