Hey Justin! I'd go for a Large. I am 5' 10" with a 28" waist and I had to go all the way down to an XS. My legs are pretty short though and these seem to run a touch long actually. I think an XL could be too big around your waist.
Hey Jim, yeah, absolutely! However, the included semi-automatic toe bail will work perfectly on the TLT7 and reduce total volume when it's folded up.
Hey Adam, if it's a true 106mm waist then you're probably good, however there is still potential for it to require bending to get it to fit. For what it's worth, I tried the 105mm brake on a DPS Wailer 106 and found that there was extra room. However, the sidewall shape can effect brake deployment and it may be different on your skis.
Hey Ry, we reached out to Scarpa for a parts list but haven't heard back yet. At the moment though we do not have any F1 Cuff Buckles and unfortunately aren't aware of any spare parts available specifically like the one you are describing.
Hey John! It's not quite as open as you'd think and the panel is pretty small. Don't get me wrong, the back panel is still crazy ventilated even for a race suit, but underneath a pack it'll probably actually keep you warmer on a windy day than a race suit with no ventilation back there, just because it reduces the sweat buildup underneath a pack. No zip, but there is a flap which is pretty sweet, though it does limit the amount of/type of base layers you can wear.