Hey Carrie! That's a negative, just pin bindings on these ones! The Scarpa Gea RS and Sportiva Sparkle have better binding compatibility (though still somewhat limited, in that they won't pop into standard alpine bindings) which would give you a bit more freedom with your binding choice!
Hey David! These definitely have a lot of potential to work as the material is awesome and the tail attachment is bomb-proof, though I think the tip is a bit wide for your skis and could cause some issues. Because the skis are relatively super narrow for a lot of the climbing skin kits, I think your best bet would be to make your own skin actually, that way you wouldn't end up paying a ton extra for all of the material that you're going to cut off and throw away. Also it gives you the freedom to experiment ...
Hey Mark! I don't have a 27 Neo to verify this for sure, but because of how stretchy they are and because you can cut out space for the buckles and whatnot, the short answer is: Almost definitely! Curious as to why you're looking to pop them onto some Neos though?
Hey Gale! Dang, sorry about the boot! There's a chance there are a few parts from different boots that will work, but it'd definitely be helpful if you sent in a picture of your other boot so we can for sure eliminate any confusion! At any rate, I definitely support searching through the old part boxes as we've all been there and have all had some form of luck come from those boxes!
Hey Gnorway! I think if you're gonna go with a shim to flatten out the ramp angle, you should go all the way and get a really thick shim to minimize the ramp angle! Just my thought on that, but the 4.7mm will work just fine as well! As for screws, the 6.4mm shim will need the 28mm screws (though you may need to grind them down a touch), whereas the 4.7mm shim will need the 23.5mm screws.