Hey John. I am assuming you mean that the Vertical binding that is pictured is the one that you currently have, in which case Dynafit has stopped supporting that model so an aftermarket solution from B&D Binding Parts is your best bet. You'll need a new roof and Volcano.
Hey Brendan, it's possible but depends on the model. If it is replaceable then it might take a while just because we will have to order them.
Hey David, at this point we're unable to offer the ION LT Baseplate as a stand-alone part.
Hey Daniel, you could definitely do the Pro Tour Liner in the TLT5 but my only concern is the thickness of the cuff material on the Pro Tour vs. the TLT6 liner. If you have extra room to go larger in the cuff buckle then the Pro Tour could be a good choice, if you are running the buckle at one of the largest settings possible then the TLT6 liner will be a better choice.
The Objective's easy skiing and contradicting performance redefined what I previously considered a lightweight mountaineering ski to be capable of. If you are looking to get into the world of Skimo and have no idea where to start, all factors point to this. Whether you are a veteran skier looking to expand your horizons or a beginner looking to go explore, this is an excellent place to start. The Objective carries the easy skiing, bulldozing, performance enhancing shape that "New-School" fat skis (AKA, ev...