Hey Alex, thanks for reaching out! Yup, the helmet carry is only accessible if the pocket is open. The only way to conceal the helmet carry is to have the straps stitched internally, otherwise it'd be flopping around when you weren't using it. The straps are stitched to the bottom layer of the pocket though, so the tension from your helmet will basically keep the pocket closed while it's unzipped. I attached a few pictures from our display model to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. It's a pretty c...
Hey Balu, there's nothing saying you can't, but the brakes would be a touch on the wide side and you may clip them together while skinning. You also risk catching the brakes against the snow during a turn. Also, brake arms will sometimes catch on your pant legs if you get really unlucky. So, to simplify, you can definitely mount them up, but you may run into some issues.
Hey Jason, unfortunately we're not offering credit on the 130 brakes right now (made this exact same swap a few too many times).
Hey Aaron, thanks for reaching out! Tough to say with 100% confidence about that rule, but it's definitely a safe bet. We do have an online boot fitter that might be worth checking out if you're interested in a little bit more in depth fitting info.
Hey Chris, thanks for reaching out. The 170 heel is a mere 1.5mm taller than the 150. Shims are available, though even with the thinnest 3.2mm shim, you'll end up with a -0.7mm delta. The B&D Classic 3.2mm is the one that's compatible if you are looking to shim, but because it's so thin, you'll have to get some alpine screws and grind them down accordingly.