Hey Boris! It's tough to say but because there is so much boot sole length adjustment in both bindings I have a hard time thinking that you won't be able to dodge the existing holes in your ski. That being said, I don't have a heel shim available to raise the heel. The 150 heel on the Plum Adjustment Plate is a fair amount taller than the 170 heel, so you could always go that route to minimize the negative delta.
Hey Sam! Good eye. Never heard that exact complaint before actually, however I definitely could see that happening. The Julbo Aerospace and Julbo Airflux already have that question answered though. The "pop-out-able" lens frame offers a ton of ventilation and has been a personal favorite of mine for a while now. They're sweet and would solve that issue no problem!
Hey Steve! Not necessarily, however those lengths seems good for you. I'd suggest something along the lines of the Ski Trab Mistico in a 185 for a comparable ski in the proper length though.
The heel piece has to come off of the baseplate (it's sitting on a threaded baseplate) and the plastic nubbin piece that's in the way of installing the brakes pops off and the brakes take its place. Then you have to thread the heel housing and brake back onto the baseplate and you're all good to go!
Hey Pierpaolo, the 135cm is weighing in at 164g per side!