Hey John! Dang, that's a bummer! I'm gonna say yes, it's probably possible, but unless you already have a speed turn heel that you were going to throw away it's probably not worth it. I'd just grab a completely new Speed Rad heel piece.
Hey Emily, thanks for reaching out! Confidence is key to having a good time on skis. There are a lot of factors that go into feeling unstable on your skis, so there may be a few factors to consider here. Which Mythic ski (waist width and length) and what boots and bindings are you skiing?
Hey Muy! I think it's totally doable, but it depends a bit on the boot you're going to be skiing in. If you're skiing in a really light boot, the length won't play to your advantage. If you're skiing in a robust and stable boot then the length will definitely work in your favor!
Hey Chris, thanks for reaching out. The Race Skin uses a much shorter hair length, which aids tremendously in glide but in certain snow conditions will make the grip suffer a bit compared to the Climb Pro S-Glide that has full length hair, 30% nylon composition, and all the treatment additives you can think of. The Climb Pro S-Glide is much more of a fast touring skin than the Race skin, which is a full blown race skin available for wide skis! Neither one is wrong, just depends on what you prefer!
Hey Michael, thanks for reaching out. We didn't order any, however Mammut should be getting some within a few weeks so we could potentially do a special order for you! Let me know!