Hey Steve! Not necessarily, however those lengths seems good for you. I'd suggest something along the lines of the Ski Trab Mistico in a 185 for a comparable ski in the proper length though.
The heel piece has to come off of the baseplate (it's sitting on a threaded baseplate) and the plastic nubbin piece that's in the way of installing the brakes pops off and the brakes take its place. Then you have to thread the heel housing and brake back onto the baseplate and you're all good to go!
Hey Pierpaolo, the 135cm is weighing in at 164g per side!
Hey Chris! We opted out of the Raceborg, so I can't comment 100% on the interface, but even if you get a bunch of trouble in walk mode, 10 minutes with a grinder/dremel/razor blade will do the trick. To my knowledge, the Sytron and the Raceborg have the same sole though and I tested that combo and came up with zero trouble, so I think you'll be all good as long as you have the newest edition of binding. The Race 150 with the old toe lever is the one that had some trouble with some boots in walk mode, the ne...
Hey Doug! Yup, they're the same attachment! I'd go with 110mm brake!