Hey Yannick! Thanks for reaching out! Good eye. It's a different plate altogether than the one on the Gara Titan Adjustable. The weight for the one individual plate is 57g per side so definitely a bit heavier than the super light ATK plates, but these will make sure your skis maintain their normal flex pattern and don't stiffen up once installed.
Hey Casper! Unfortunately the tower diameter is going to make that really tough. The TLT Speed has a shorter tower that's smaller in diameter, whereas the newer Radical series bindings have a taller/thicker tower so I don't think it's going to work. That being said, the good news is that the hole pattern for most of Dynafit's heels hasn't changed in years so you could probably buy the complete Speed Radical heel here and drop it into the existing holes. Obviously, you'll want to consult our hole pattern art...
Hey Scott! Nice! They're fairly similar in terms of performance/flex/behavior characteristics but there's the obvious difference of width here and because of that, they're both tuned to succeed in slightly different snow conditions. The 95 has a tighter turn radius which lends itself to relentless edge hold in steep terrain, easier carving on hard snow, but potentially a lower top end speed (not the ski to straightline something). The 105 at the same given length has a pretty drastically different turn shap...
Hey Deling! Nope, though it looks like we have some Contour sheets left!
Hey Andrew! Yeah, there are a ton! Chances are good if you had to rotate the heel to access a new riser height, but it also had brakes, you were on the Vertical which is discontinued. If you had to spin the heel piece once and then spring loaded risers would flip into place, but it also had brakes, chances are good you had the original Radical ST/FT. There isn't really a direct equivalent of either of those bindings at the moment as the Radical series has been replaced with the Radical 2.0 and the Vertical ...